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Feline Lovers Unite

Cats are unique. They command affection yet they don’t even want any of it. If you have a frisky little bundle of joy at home, you know how it feels to be unloved and mistreated. Most cats are cold and stuck-up. But they’re a joy to have around (when they’re not demanding to be fed or played with).

If you’re considering a cat, you better be prepared to deal with a hormonal teen. Coz that’s exactly what cats are like. I may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome but I SIMPLY ADORE MY CATS!!

Well besides cats be prepared to read a lot about my life here. I’m new to blogging but I’ll try to keep it informational. Unless you nasty stalkers out there want to hear about my rants. Until then, here’s a Cat meme for you.

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Best Kitty Friendly Kitchen Knife Sets

If you got bored chasing after that inconsiderate fur-ball you have at home, you’d want to have a look at this post. You all know how much I love cooking and kitchen stuff so I decided to share a few tips today. I’ll be zoning in on how to pick the best knife sets for your kitchen. Bear in mind that this post is supposed to be avid home cooks. I’ll be a total waste of hard earned money to invest in a knife set if you only cook 2 times a week.

These are the best kitchen knife sets for the coming year. I personally collect some of the best kitchen knives, so I saw it best to share this kitchen knife review with you.

Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Knife Set with Knife Block

This particular knife set is designed to meet your cooking skills and add a professional touch to your kitchen. It has all the knives you need all in a well-crafted block. The triple-riveted handle gives you a tighter grip while the forged German, full tang steel blades will stay a while before the need for sharpening ever arises. This will definitely be the last set you’ll ever buy.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 19-Piece Knife Set with Knife Block

This is definitely a great set of value that German knives lovers should not miss. Like all knife manufacturers, they have a wide range to choose from which are, of course, famed for quality. The medium range of this set goes for $350 that basically means that each piece totals to less than $20! These German-made knives come absolutely sharp and their edges are made to last. Be really careful when washing them manually.

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Glass Block Set

If there was a trends magazine specifically for knives, this Mercer Culinary would without a doubt be on the front page. I mean, a rectangular block glass casing, triple riveted black handles that give it that classic touch, this set has it all! Dinner guests will be all over your kitchen with this set bracing the top of your kitchen counter. Looks aside, they are one of the best cooking knives with the finest quality forged blades. It’s sharp edges and great balance makes cutting enjoyable. Fun to use, pleasing to look at.

It is preferable to purchase whole kitchen knife sets that come with a knife block. You may also opt to buy your knives separately. Whichever works out for you, be sure to go for what you may find to be pocket-friendly. Remember block sets are safer because you wouldn’t want to your pesky little kitty fiddling with your knives. Keep everyone safe PEEPS!

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What you need to know about cheap cookware sets

One of the most frequently asked questions especially on cooking demo forums is “how do you go get the best cookware at pocket-friendly prices?” Most people have this tendency to default to a nonstick type of pan. A non-stick type of pan is fine for low heat applications such as making an omelet. But for a higher heat application, you should not use it because it can leach some of the chemicals into your food. You can get your cooking stuff at very cheap cookware sets if you have the right strategy.

The following are some of the factors that you need to know when looking for cheap but very efficient cookery. Look for the thickness of the bottom in all your cookery. Why should you go for those pans that have a thick bottom? A nice thick bottomed pan conducts heat very well and what you are really into is a pan called an induction-ready pan. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy an induction stove, it just means it has a nice thick bottom on it and it is going to distribute the heat very evenly.

Why thick-bottomed cookware are the best. The reason why those pans that have thick bottoms are efficient is because you can sauté without sticking. The biggest problem you are likely to have when you saute and it sticks is cold and hot spots. With a nice thick -bottom pan you don’t have to worry about this. You will not have any cold and hot spots you will just have perfectly distributed heat.

When you are looking for a cookware, especially for high heat applications, ensure that they have a nice thick bottom. Always stay away from the coded pans except just for low heat applications. The bottom of you cookery is very crucial and that is why you need to always ensure that your pans have the right bottom depending on your application.

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