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Feline Lovers Unite

Cats are unique. They command affection yet they don’t even want any of it. If you have a frisky little bundle of joy at home, you know how it feels to be unloved and mistreated. Most cats are cold and stuck-up. But they’re a joy to have around (when they’re not demanding to be fed or played with).

If you’re considering a cat, you better be prepared to deal with a hormonal teen. Coz that’s exactly what cats are like. I may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome but I SIMPLY ADORE MY CATS!!

Well besides cats be prepared to read a lot about my life here. I’m new to blogging but I’ll try to keep it informational. Unless you nasty stalkers out there want to hear about my rants. Until then, here’s a Cat meme for you.

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Healthy Lifestyle Juicer Juicer Reviews

Why Do You Need A Juicer For Your Home?

Super easy to meet your daily targets with juicer

We all know that juice ‘fasts’, cleanses, and detoxes are a great dietary technic. There is no other way of making a diet that is heavy on healthy juice other than having an efficient juicer. Everyone desires radiant skin, shedding a few extra pounds and having increased mind clarity. These are simply the benefits we get from consumption of fruits and vegetables. Nutritionists recommend intake of at least eight servings per day, this might be hard accomplish and is somehow impractical. However, with a juicer, it is super easy to meet your daily targets. Juicing allows you to save time that could otherwise be spent on preparing and cooking vegetables.

Fresh homemade juice lacks preservatives and added sugars. This renders it healthier and tastier. Thinking that we can obtain all nutrition needs from food dieting alone should be a long lost dream. Nutritive values of food we eat today are much lower due over farmed soil. We experience high levels of stress while living in a polluted environment. This fact increases our requirement needs for antioxidants that are found in fruits and vegetables in plenty. This is where the need for juicer comes in again; a nice refreshing glass of juice will help you to get the required servings needed for optimal health. In addition, you get raw food nutrients.

In a nutshell, you will be surprised to find out how quick and efficient juicing can actually be when you are using the right modern juicer. Transform your family’s health by juicing vegetables and fruits in absolutely no time at all. It will help with fast absorption of nutrients and pre-digestion. Using a juicer, you will be able to incorporate a wider variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can try some that you may not normally eat on a daily. If you already have yours, continue reaping maximum
benefits from it and if you don’t have one, get started today, make juicing your daily plan of health. You will not be disappointed.

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Healthy Lifestyle Juicer

My top three masticating juicers

The right choice for masticating juicers

Juicers have always been an essential commodity in a household and as the variety and competition is rising day by day, the choice for the user is becoming more and more difficult. So in order to ease this for the buyers, I have come up with the top three best masticating juicer reviews. After checking a lot of machines in reality in different physical conditions and inquiring about their performance record, I have come to the conclusion. Here goes the list as follows:

1. Omega J8006

Omega J8006
This machine is a powerhouse and is also one of the best seller. As this machine is loaded with a lot of different features like spice grinder, food processor and many more due to which it appeals more to the user. This machine. This machine is more durable than its competitors and the credit goes to GE, as the Auger is made with GE compound which lasts more than 8X than plastic.
As this machine has a second pressing section, this helps to extract the remaining juice out from the pulp before disposing it which in turn produces extra juice.

2. Champion

Champion juicer
Ruling the market for the past 25 years, this machine is equipped with powerful motor which is the backbone of this machine. The motor provides tremendous starting torque which makes it unstoppable.
As this machine is equipped with a variable voltage capacity and it can be used anywhere in the world which makes it stand out of all the other machines available in the market.
The company keeps its customers happy with its superb after sales services and 10 years of warranty coverage. The durability of this machine is unquestionable as it made of premium grade materials.

3. Omega J8004

Omega J8004
This one from the Omega company is slightly different from J8006 as it is an older version, it runs at 80 RPM which helps to preserve the nutrient content of the machine and keeps the juice as healthy as it gets.
This machine lacks the initial starting torque as compared to the J8006, but its performance is still amazing which has kept it in the third position. This machine has 4 nozzles which are specifically devoted to pasta.
If you are budget conscious, then this juicer can be the ideal choice for you to make the most of yourself.

Which one should you go for?
If you are looking to buy a masticating juicer for keeping yourself fit, then Omega J8006 is the ideal machine for you, but if you want to buy a machine for commercial use, then the Champion is loaded with a lot of features and is the right fit for such kind of usage.

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